Services Available

Manual Therapy

Our physiotherapists are highly trained in the use of manual and manipulative therapy.  It involves hands on treatment to mobilize joints, muscles and nerves to restore normal function to the spine and periphery.

Movement Training

Our physiotherapists excel at diagnosing and treating postural movement problems.  They will work with you to create better body awareness and movement patterns to help eliminate pain and improve performance.

IMS (intramuscular stimulation)

IMS is a needling technique used by physiotherapists to treat myofascial pain and to reduce tension in the nervous system.  Click here for more detail.


A needling technique stemming from traditional Chinese medicine can be used by physiotherapists to relax overactive muscles and decrease pain.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Using education, exercises, and manual techniques, a physiotherapist with advanced training in pelvic floor physiotherapy will help you with stress and urge incontinence issues, pelvic pain, ano-retal disorders and post-partum pelvic floor dysfunction. (future link to page with additional information).

Massage Therapy

Our registered massage therapists will work with you using hands on techniques to improve the mobility and function of your muscles, fascia, nerves and organs (viscera). Click here for more detail.

Clinical Pilates

Experienced Pilates instructors (in conjunction with our Physiotherapists) will work with you in a one-on-one setting with a variety of equipment to improve your body awareness, core recruitment, strength, fitness and pain. Click here for more detail.

Exercise Therapy

Our physiotherapists will start building home exercise plans for you as part or regular sessions, but some clients may opt to continue on with our Kinesiologist in a one-on-one role as they progress from physio.  Click here for more detail.

Online Exercise Videos

Many exercises worked on during physiotherapy sessions are available online with membership to

Online Exercise Diagrams

Many exercises worked on during physiotherapy sessions are available in our free online database at

Online Posture Program

Learn why things happen, how they happen and what to do about it online with your own tracking system and online health record at

Integrative Post-Natal Program

Regardless of what level of activity you are ready for after the birth of your baby, our clinic-wide post natal program can be tailored to suit your needs. Click here to learn more.