Envision Physiotherapy with Sport Physio BC at Kitsfest

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Sport Physiotherapy BC provided care for Kitsfest 2017 at Kits Beach in Vancouver at the end of the summer. Kitsfest has grown from a small festival with a basketball tournament into a huge outdoor festival with a variety of sports: basketball, volleyball, ouch football, tennis, water polo, running, and more. Most of our physiotherapists at Envision showed up and help provide care to all those who needed it.

We were there to care for the athletes involved in the basketball and beach volleyball tournaments, as well as for public. We dealt with acute injuries, as well as chronic issues people had been suffering with. Injuries ranged from fractures and concussions to bruises and scrapes. Decisions regarding advanced emergency care and return-to-play needed to be made.

It was a great weekend on the beach to work with other sports minded physiotherapists.

We hope to see you at Kitsfest 2018!


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