The best Pilates training in Vancouver!  At the Movement Studio, our goal is to “create a space where people can enjoy learning about their bodies in a safe and inspiring environment; one in which they feel comfortable to explore movement possibilities in a curious, expressive and creative way”. The Studio honours Joseph Pilates’ grand vision of a revolutionary movement practice while recognizing it’s expansive and evolutionary potential.

We are a Pilates and Movement Education Studio located with two loactions in Vancouver, South Granville and Kitsilano. We have been offering mat and apparatus classes in private, semi-private and small group formats since 1999.  Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their full movement potential as they learn to love to move!


Clinical Pilates

We are excited to be offering Clinical Pilates at our Envision Physiotherapy Multidisciplinary Clinic.  If you are under the care of one of our amazing Physiotherapists, you may be eligible to have your Pilates covered through your extended health plan.

What is Clincal Pilates and how is it different than my sessions at the Studio?

Clinical Pilates at Envision Physiotherapy is a goal directed, rehabilitation program outlined and overseen by one of our physiotherapists.  While our Movement Studio Instructors work at the Clinic, they act as Rehab Assistants to the physiotherapists.

Clinical Pilates has a longstanding history in Australia and is driven by the most current scientific knowledge relating to the spine, core stability and finding avenues to train functional movement patterns in order to achieve our best, happiest, pain-free selves. Recognizing that movement dysfunction tends to lead to pathology or injury, and vice versa, our integrated approach to recovery aims to progress static stability into the dynamic range, which is the range we live in.

Research done over the past two decades has radically improved the quality of results physiotherapy client’s enjoy when Pilates is integrated into their treatment plan.

How do I qualify?

  • For clients to qualify for Clinical Pilates they must:
  • Be assessed by an Envision Physiotherapist
  • Have a doctor’s note recommending a Pilates based physiotherapy program
  • Sign the Clinical Pilates consent form (this form needs to be signed by you, your physiotherapist and your Pilates Rehab Assistant).


  • Clinical Pilates programs are goal oriented and limited in duration.  Clients must be re-evaluated by the physiotherapist at least every 6 sessions at which point a new set of goals and protocols will be given to your Pilates Teacher
  • Clinical Pilates sessions will take place when there is at least one physiotherapist in the clinic
  • Clinical Pilates sessions must be purchased at the Clinic and are distinct and separate from your Studio sessions.    These sessions will be $90 and are HST exempt.
  • If you have coverage for physiotherapy, you may be reimbursed for these sessions by your extended health plan, but everyone’s  plan is different. Please contact your provider if you have any further questions about qualifying for this program.

We look forward to working with you in the Clinic!

Go to themovementstudio.com for more information

The Movement Studio is owned and operated by Karen Weggler.